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КультураEngland (Modern World Nations)

England (Modern World Nations)Автор: Alan Allport, George Wingfield , Charles F. Gritzner
Название: England (Modern World Nations)
Издательство: Chelsea House Publications
Год: 2007
Формат: pdf
Размер: 1,2 mb

Since Alfred the Great united England in the 9th century CE, this northwestern European country has played a prominent role in world affairs. From its early days as the world's leading naval power - which enabled it to spread its influence over an area larger than one-fourth of the world's surface - to the period when it served as the center of the Industrial Revolution, England has long been one of the world's most influential countries. Newly updated and featuring striking full-color photographs, maps, and other accessible study features, "England" is a detailed exploration of the people, culture, history, geography, environment, economy, and government of this enduring nation.

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