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КультураThe Book of the Breast

The Book of the Breast
The Book of the Breast
By Robert Anton Wilson

Publisher: Playboy Press 1974 288 Pages
ISBN: 0872233847

Robert Anton Wilson's "Book of the Breast" was his fourth book. Now printed by New Falcon Publishing under the indiscriminating title of "Ishtar Rising." The edition that I am reviewing is of the Playboy Press edition which is quite different, which is why I am making the distinction. Although the text is the same, throughout the book there are pictures of Playboy Pin-Ups which add to the whole delight of the book and serves its purpose in getting across the idea of the book. The New Falcon edition is all type and a few non-Playboy pics inserted. The book on the other hand was great. Wilson makes many fine arguments about the Breast and how we should be adoring the Breast, not abandoning it, or locking it out of society as if it were the Devil incarnate which rose upon women's Breasts for men to gawk and lose their scientific rationale. Throughout history, at least from the Judaica-Hebrew inception on throughout time up until about the 20's was sex, women and any other type of so-called deviant thought was considered heretical. R. A. Wilson gives an amalgum of references and quotations and puts it together in a cohesive logical and thought-provoking manner, which I believe is his specialty. His comprehension and retension level of information fascinates me and this is one more testimony to that trait of his that he utilizes so well in his writing. Highly reccomended! I would suggest, however, that you search for this version before settling for the New Falcon edition. Although I fully support the library of New Falcon (as they one of my favorite publishers). The Playboy edition is a little difficult to find and you may pay a few dollars extra, but for the experience of it, I believe it is worth it.

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