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КультураConfucianism. World Religions

Confucianism. World Religions
Автор:Dorothy Hoobler, Thomas Hoobler
Название: Confucianism. World Religions
Издательство: Chelsea House Publications
Год: 2009
Формат: pdf
Размер: 5,89 MB
Язык: английский
Для сайта: www.eknigi.org

Long dismissed as irrelevant by communist China, Confucianism is experiencing a new resurgence in China and around the globe. So-called New Confucianists seek to find a unity between their religion and the modern world, rejecting any form of cultural isolationism. Founded in China 2,500 years ago by a master philosopher,Confucianism was a system of ethical behavior and social responsibility that evolved into one of the great spiritual traditions of the East. It has played a profoundly important role in the evolution of Chinese civilization over the centuries and has had a marked influence on other Asian cultures including those of Vietnam, Korea, and Japan. "Confucianism, Third Edition" clearly outlines the historical development of Confucianism, presents the basic tenets of Confucian thought, traces its evolution in response to the events of Chinese history, and examines its enduring relevance to the contemporary world. Coverage includes: basic concepts and beliefs ofConfucianism ; the teachings of Confucius; Confucian literature, including The Five Classics; the effects of political interference from China, Europe, and the United States; and restoration ofConfucianism in the 21st century.

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