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КультураThe Oxford Companion to Fairy Tales

The Oxford Companion to Fairy Tales
Название: The Oxford Companion to Fairy Tales
Автор: Коллектив авторов
Издательство: Oxford University Press
Год: 2003
Количество страниц: 637
Язык: English
Формат: pdf
Размер: 27.55 Mb

From its ancient roots in the oral tradition to the postmodernist reworkings of the present day, the fairy tale has retained its powerful hold over the cultural imagination of Europe and North America. Now The Oxford Companion to Fairy Tales provides the first authoritative reference source for this complex, captivating genre. With more than 800 entries written by a team of 67 specialists from around the world, the Companion offers an illuminating look at the classic tales themselves, both ancient and modern, from Jack and Jill and Cinderella to Alice in Wonderland and the Wizard of Oz. The contributors also profile the writers who wrote or reworked these luminous tales, as well as the illustrators, film-makers, choreographers, and composers who have been involved with creating or interpreting them. The Companion also covers such related topics as film, art, opera, ballet, music, even advertising.

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