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КультураThe Music and Dance of the World's Religions

The Music and Dance of the World's Religions
Название: The Music and Dance of the World's Religions
Автор: E. Rust
Издательство: Greenwood
Год: 1996
Количество страниц: 500
Язык: English
Формат: pdf
Размер: 24 Mb

Despite the world-wide association of music and dance with religion, this is the first full-length bibliography on the subject from a global perspective. The work consists of 3,816 references divided among 37 chapters. It covers tribal, regional, and global religions and such subjects as shamanism, liturgical dance, healing, and the relationship of music, mathematics, and mysticism. The referenced materials display such diverse approaches as analysis of music and dance, description of context, direct experience, observation, and speculation. The references address topics from such disciplines as sociology, anthropology, history, linguistics, musicology, ethnomusicology, theology, medicine, semiotics, and computer technology.

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