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КультураGreat Ages of Man Ancient Egypt

Great Ages of Man Ancient EgyptНазвание: Great Ages of Man Ancient Egypt
Автор : Lionel Casson
Издатель : Time-life Books
Год : 1965,1969 by TIME Inc.
Формат: pdf
Страниц: 192
Язык: English
ISBN : 978-0652887204
Размер : 23,57 mb
Для сайта: eKnigi.org

Great Ages of Man Ancient Egypt /
История культуры народов мира : Древний Египет

For many people ancient Egypt is a baffling phenomenon. Certainly it is impressive, with its mighty monuments, its three thousand years of history,
and its reputation for vast learning and skill. On the other hand, a culture of now deserted monuments, of aloof statues,
of a flat and static art and of gaping mummies never seems to pulse with good red blood.

We feel no kinship to the austere King Khafre in the Cairo Museum or to Queen Hatshepsut masquerading as Osiris in the Metropolitan Museum,
New York. The story of ancient Egypt seems more like a fable than human history.
I have scanned this old book belonging to my father that was printed over 40 years back.

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