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КультураThe arts in early England vol.3

The arts in early England vol.3

Название: The arts in early England
Издательство: London : J. Murray
Автор: Brown, G. Baldwin
Год: 1903
Количество страниц: 614
Формат: PDF
Размер: 186 mb
Язык: English

Individual volumes include “The Life of Saxon England in Relation to the Arts,” “Ecclesiastical Architecture in England from the Conversion of the Saxons to the Norman Conquest,” “Saxon Art and Industry in the Pagan Period,” “The Ruthwell and Bewcastle Crosses the Gospels of Lindisfarne, and Other Church Monuments of Northumbria,” “Completion of the Study of the Monuments of the Great Period of the Art of Anglian Northumbria,” and “Anglo-Saxon Sculpture.” The organization of the volumes and their chapters is idiosyncratic, but Brown was one of the first to stress the artistic merits of Anglo-Saxon art and architecture. He was also one of the first to consider such topics as the artistic aspects of Anglo-Saxon coinage. His work marks a shift from 19th-century antiquarianism toward an art historical methodology

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