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КультураFilm Art an Introduction

Film Art an Introduction
Авторы: David Bordwell, Kristin Thompson
Издательство: University of Wisconsin
Год: 2008
Кол-во страниц: 531
Формат: пдф
Размер: 137 Мб
Язык: английский

How does a film get from the planning stages to the screen? To understand film as an art, it helps to know how people create a film and get it to audiences. This question leads to a study in Part One, "Film Art and Filmmaking," of film production, distribution, and exhibition. We can then see how these activities shape the final product. Decisions at every stage affect what we seen and hear on the screen.
How does an entire film function? We assume that like all artworks, a film has a .fornt It's made Llp of parts that relate to one another in specific and deliberate wAys, in order to have an effect on an audience. In Part Two, "Film Form," we examine the idea of film form and how it affects us. We also introduce the most familiar type of form, the narrative.
How do film techniques contribute to film form? Film is a distinct mediLur, and every film integrates various techniques into its overall form. In Part Three, "Film Style," we examine the artistic possibilities of the primary film techniques: mise-en-scene, cinematography, editing, and sound. A chapter is devoted to each one, and each chapter ends with an analysis of how these techniques contribute to a film's overall form.
How do we classify films? We seldom go to the movies without having some idea of the kind of film we'll be seeing. Part Four, "Types of Films," examines two principal ways of grouping films. One way is by genre. When we label a film a science-fiction movie, a horror film, or a musical, we're using genre categories. We also usually classify films by some conception of the film's relation to reality or to its manner of production. So, besides live-action fiction films, we recogni ze cloc'umentaries, onimated films, and experimental films. These types also exemplifi nonnarrative approaches to overall form.

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