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КультураLiving in Ancient Rome (Living in the Ancient World)

Living in Ancient Rome (Living in the Ancient World)
Название: Living in Ancient Rome
Автор: Norman Bancroft Hunt
Издательство: Chelsea House Publications
Серия: Living in the Ancient World
Год: 2008
ISBN: 0816063400
Страниц: 96
Язык: English
Формат: PDF
Размер: 22 МВ

Living in Ancient Rome covers the period from 753 BCE to 476 CE, focusing on a time set during the reign of Emperor Hadrian. It examines the day-to-day lives of ancient Romans, from the senatorial order to the plebeians and slaves. The structures of government and society are explained, as well as the relationships between families and family members. Particular attention is paid to the contribution of Roman society, including the Roman calendar, aqueducts, coinage, and new craft and building techniques.

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