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КулинарияVietnamese Food & Cooking

Vietnamese Food & Cooking название: Vietnamese Food & Cooking
издатель : Hermes House
автор: Ghillie Basan
год: 2006
формат: pdf
страниц: 259
language: English
ISBN: 978-1844778935
размер : 51,57 mb

Discover the deliciously fragrant cuisines of Indo-China, with over 150 authentic recipes, illustrated step-by-step. Explore the rivers and deltas of Vietnam, the bustling markets of Ho Chi Mihn City and Hanoi, and the colorful celebrations and rich traditions that pervade everyday life in this fascinating region. Features a comprehensive visual guide to Vietnamese and southeast Asian ingredients, and step-by-step descriptions of preparation and cooking techniques. Recipes range from mouthwatering snacks such as crisp yet succulent Vietnamese Spring Rolls, and delicious main dishes including Garlic-roasted Quails with Honey and Shellfish Curry with Coconut Milk and Basil, to sumptuous sweet treats such as Coconut Sorbet or Vietnamese Fried bananas. More than 750 specially commissioned photographs, including pictures showing the important stages of each recipe, wonderful evocative shots of the finished food, and scenic images of the landscape and people. complete nutritional information is given for every recipe.

Более 150 рецептов и 750 фотографий поэтапного приготовления , от закусок до вьетнамских Жареных бананов .

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