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КулинарияCooking for Сhildren

Cooking for Сhildrenназвание : Cooking for Сhildren
издатель : Silverback
автор : Dagmar von Cramm
год: 2004
язык :English
формат: pdf
страниц : 68
ISBN: 1596370408
размер : 3,63 мб

Кулинария здоровой пищи для детей.

Cooking healthy food that children like to eat almost sounds like an oxymoron. This book takes the difficulty out of cooking for children with great-tasting recipes that are (shhh!) good for you.
Make cooking for the family a treat, rather than a chore! These quick, no-fuss recipes easily incorporate healthy ingredients with kid-friendly tastes. Fun, imaginative, and easy-to-prepare recipes such as Berry Yogurt Smoothies, Carrot Corn Salad and Summer Noodles will have your kids asking for these meals by name. Super-easy, everyday ingredients and preparation instructions are perfect for whipping up weekday meals, including helpful hints on making food ahead of time.

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