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КулинарияLa Cuisine Creole

La Cuisine Creole

Название: La Cuisine Creole
Издательство: F.F. Hansell & Bro., Ltd.
Автор: Lafcadio Hearn
Год: 1885
Количество страниц: 280
Формат: PDF
Размер: 57 mb
Язык: French

This is one of the great classics of Creole cuisine. It was anonymously printed in 1885 but its authorship by the famed writer Lafcadio Hearn is generally accepted.

In his brief but intriguing introduction, Hearn tells us that Creole cookery partakes of the nature of its birthplace - New Orleans - blending the characteristics of the American, French, Spanish, Italian, West Indian and Mexican. That this is true can be ascertained by the range of recipes. There are also obvious influences from Native Americans, African Americans, and others in the American melting pot.

We find Gombo Filee and Okra Gombo, Bouille-abaisse, Grenouilles Frites, Pain Perdu, Sangaree, and a splendid collection of fish, seafood and game recipes. There are also instructions on The Service of Wine and a large number of recipes for drinks and cocktails, including Grand Brule, Gin Fiz, Jamaica Rum Punch, New Orleans Toddy, and four different versions of Pousse Cafe.

This book has been in and out of print from its first publication in 1885. In that same year, a second fine New Orleans cookbook, a charity, was published by the Women's Christian Exchange, the Creole Cookery Book. These two books, along with Celestine Eustis' Cooking in Old Creole Days offer a splendid introduction to one of America's most unique cuisines.

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