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ЭзотерикаTarot Spells

Tarot Spells
Автор:Janina Renee
Название: Tarot Spells
Издательство: Llewellyn Publications
Год: 2000
Формат: pdf
Размер: 11,57 мб
Язык английский

This book presents practical ways to create positive changes in your life using the power of the Tarot. No elaborate rituals or tools are required -- your spells can be as simple or complex as you desire. All you need is an open mind & a deck of Tarot cards to attract love & romance, improve your finances, encourage good health, enhance creativity, overcome obstacles, or develop psychic awareness. Even if you have no experience working with the Tarot, this unique book tells you how the archetypal symbols of the Tarot speak to the subconscious mind & add power to your spells. For those already familiar with the cards, this book opens new doors to knowledge & creativity. In this updated edition, the author responds to the most frequently asked questions from readers, including how to customize your spells to meet specific needs.

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