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ЭзотерикаThe Vision & the Voice With Commentary and Other Papers

The Vision & the Voice With Commentary and Other PapersНазвание: The Vision & the Voice With Commentary and Other Papers: The Collected Diaries of Aleister Crowley, 1909-1914 E.V. (Equinox)
Автор: Aleister Crowley, Victor B. Neuburg, Mary Desti
Издательство: Weiser Books
ISBN: 0877289069
Год: 1999
Страниц: 468
Формат: PDF
Размер: 130.5МБ
Язык: английский
In 1909, Crowley received and wrote down his visions in the Sahara. In them, he gives an account of crossing the Abyss and attaining the grade of Master of the Temple. The core of this book is a record of his visions of the 30 Aethyres of the Enochian Magick developed by John Dee and Edward Kelley. It includes Crowley's own diagrams and the original typescript of the Commentaries. There is also a record of Crowley's magical work conducted with Victor B. Neuberg, and includes the "Esoteric Record of the Paris Working" as well as "The Holy Hymns to the Great Gods of Heaven".

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