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ИсторияA Brief History of Israel

A Brief History of Israel
Название: A Brief History of Israel
Автор: коллектив
Издательство:Checkmark Books
Год: 2008
ISBN: 0816071276
Страниц: 382 pages
Язык: английский
Формат: PDF
Размер: 26,5 MB

This book offers an updated look at Israel’s tumultuous history. It narrates the complex tale of Israel’s people and their modern state, established thousands of years after the destruction of the old one, against the backdrop of exile, anti-Semitism, Zionism, and the Holocaust.”A Brief History of Israel, Second Edition” explores Israel’s history with an emphasis on the period since its independence in 1948. The chronological narration begins with the time of Abraham and the period of the Israelite kingdoms and continues to World War II and the United Nations Partition Plan. This comprehensive reference then examines the independent country of Israel, including the Arab – Israeli conflict, domestic politics, Knesset election results, the economy, and international relations. Completely up-to-date, this second edition features a new preface, a revised introduction, a revised glossary of political parties, a new final chapter, and updated appendixes.Its coverage includes: The period since Israel’s independence in 1948; The Middle East peace process; Economic and political challenges; Israel’s withdrawal from the Gaza Strip; The creation of the new Kadima Party and the election of 2006; and, Hamas’s election victory and its effect on Israel.

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