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ИсторияThe Journey of Maps and Images on the Silk Road

The Journey of Maps and Images on the Silk Road
Название: The Journey of Maps and Images on the Silk Road
Автор: Phillipe Foret, Andreas Kaplony
Издательство: Brill
Год: 2008
Количество страниц: 243
Язык: English
Формат: pdf
Размер: 28.7 Mb

This book covers new ground on the diffusion and transmission of geographical knowledge that occurred at critical junctures in the long history of the Silk Road. Much of twentieth-century scholarship on the Silk Road examined the ancient archaeological objects and medieval historical records found within each cultural area, while the consequences of long-distance interaction across Eurasia remained poorly studied. Here ample attention is given to the journeys that notions and objects undertook to transmit spatial values to other civilizations. In retracing the steps of four major circuits right across the many civilizations that shared the Silk Road, "The Journey of Maps and Images on the Silk Road" traces the ways in which maps and images surmounted spatial, historical and cultural divisions.

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