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ИсторияGeronimo (Famous Figures of the American Frontier)

Geronimo (Famous Figures of the American Frontier)

Название: Geronimo (Famous Figures of the American Frontier)
Издательство: Chelsea House Publications
Автор: Bill, III Thompson, William Thompson
Год: 2002
Количество страниц: 64
Формат: PDF
Размер: 4 mb
Язык: English

These utilitarian biographies about charismatic and controversial Native American leaders provide plenty of report information. Each book begins with a compelling scene from near the end of the subject's life and then goes back to trace, in five or six engaging and readable chapters, earlier events. Since there is little extant material about these leaders' early lives, both books are careful to say "he probably" did this or "probably did" that while providing generalized background about tribal life, including naming ceremonies, vision quests, and the adult lives of both men. The authors also discuss specific battles. Both leaders were considered dangerous by the cavalry and Western settlers; the authors present a balanced view, leaving readers to answer the question-were these men warriors protecting their people or mass murderers? The layout is inviting, with plenty of white space, and most of the illustrations are period color photographs. Russell Freedman's expertly researched and beautifully written Life and Death of Crazy Horse (Holiday, 1996) will appeal to an older audience and provides greater detail about Native and cavalry encounters.

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