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ИсторияEncyclopedia of American Race Riots [Two Volumes]

Encyclopedia of American Race Riots [Two Volumes]

Название: Encyclopedia of American Race Riots [Two Volumes]
Издательство: Greenwood
Автор: Walter C. Rucker Jr. and James N. Upton
Год: 2006
Количество страниц: 1008
Формат: PDF
Размер: 12 mb
Язык: English

The two-volume Encyclopedia of American Race Riots is part of the Greenwood Milestones in African American History series. The two editors are from Ohio State University, and both have published and lectured in the area of African American studies. Eighty scholars contributed to the work. Although people tend to think of racial issues being more prevalent in the South, this work shows that race riots and incidents have occurred in all parts of the U.S. Arranged alphabetically, the more than 260 entries deal with key incidents, individuals, organizations, concepts, themes, events, and trends associated with race riots in America. Particular emphasis is on the twentieth century and on white-black relations; however, other racial and ethnic groups, such as Asians and Hispanics, are included. Although the focus is primarily on race riots, related issues, such as lynching, urban riots, and assassinations, are also included. Entries average in length from 500 to 1,000 words, but discussions of specific riots tend to be longer. Cross-references are indicated in boldface within the text, and there are see also references at the end of entries. Selected readings also appear at the end of each entry. A "Guide to Related Topics" groups entries under 22 headings (e.g., "Civil Rights Movement," "Responses to Racial Violence"). A "Chronology of American Race Riots and Racial Violence" covers 1863 through September 2005. An extensive bibliography leads the reader to further information, and a detailed index provides additional access to the information contained in the set. Twenty-three primary documents include excerpts of reports and eyewitness accounts of racial violence. An excellent foreword gives a historical perspective of American race rioting. A "Select Historiography of Race Riots" describes scholarship on this topic. Black-and-white illustrations are scattered throughout the work. The set provides a more detailed look at race riots than resources on the broader topic of African American history.

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