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ИсторияChronicles of England, Scotland and Ireland Volume 1

Chronicles of England, Scotland and Ireland Volume 1

Название: Chronicles of England, Scotland and Ireland
Издательство: J. Johnson
Автор: Holinshed, Raphael
Год: 1807
Количество страниц: 800
Формат: PDF
Размер: 99 mb
Язык: English

William Rufus was written by Raphael Holinshed. Raphael Holinshed was a 16th century English chronicler, whose work, commonly known as Holinshed's Chronicles, was one of the major sources used by William Shakespeare for a number of his plays. In 1548 Reginald Wolfe, a London printer, wanted to create a Universal Cosmography of the whole world. Although never completed Chronicles of England was part of that project. Holinshed wrote the history of England before the Norman Conquest. The second volume encompassing the history of England from 1066 up to the reign of Queen Elizabeth I was written by Holinshed. This volume workcovers the time of William Rufus. William II (c. 1056 - 1100), the third son of William I of England (William the Conqueror), was King of England from 1087 until 1100, with powers over Normandy, and influence in Scotland. His red faced appearance gave him the nickname William Rufus.

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