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ИсторияThe dark ages, 476-918

The dark ages, 476-918

Название: The dark ages, 476-918
Издательство: Rivingtons
Автор: Oman, Charles William Chadwick, Sir
Год: 1898
Количество страниц: 552
Формат: PDF
Размер: 27 mb
Язык: English

I. Odoacer and Theodoric, 476-493
II. Theodoric King of Italy, 493-526
III. The Emperors at Constantinople, 476-527
IV. Chlodovech and the Franks in Gaul, 481-511
V. Justinian and his Wars, 528-540
VI. Justinian — {continued)^ 540-565
VII. The Earlier Frankish Kings and their Organisation of Gaul, 511-561
VIII. The Visigoths IN Spain, 531-603
IX. The Successors of Justinian, 565-610
X. Decline and Decay of the Merovingians, 561-656
XI. The Lombards in Italy and the Rise of the Papacy, 568-653
XII. Heraclius AND Mohammed, 610-641
XIII. The Decline and Fall of the Visigoths, a.d. 603- 711
XIV. The Contest of the Eastern Empire and the Caliphate, 641-717
XV. The History of the Great Mayors of the Palace, 656-720
XVI. The Lombards and the Papacy, 653-743
XVII. Charles Martel and HIS Wars, 720-41
XVIII. The Iconoclast Emperors — state of the Eastern Empire in the Eighth Century, 717-802
XIX. Pippin the Short — Wars of the Franks and Lombards, 741-768
XX. Charles the Great — early years 768-785 — Conquest OF Lombardy and Saxony
XXI. The later Wars and Conquests of Charles the Great, 785-814
XXII. Charles the Great and the Empire
XXIII. Lewis the Pious, 814-840
XXIV. Disruption of the Frankish Empire— the coming OF THE Vikings, 840-855
XXV. The Darkest hour, 855-887. From the Death OF Lothair I. to the Deposition of Charles the Fat
XXVI. Italy and Sicily in the Ninth Century 827=924
XXVII. Germany 888-918
XXVIII. The Eastern Empire in the Ninth Century 802-912
XXIX. The end of the Ninth Century in Western Europe

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