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ИсторияThe Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem, 1099 to 1291 A.D

The Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem, 1099 to 1291 A.D

Название: The Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem, 1099 to 1291 A.D
Издательство: London Committee of the Palestine Exploration Fund
Автор: Conder, C. R.
Год: 1897
Количество страниц: 484
Формат: PDF
Размер: 19 mb
Язык: English

THE sources on which we depend for history of the time of the great Crusades, and which have been used by Gibbon and Michaud, are well known and accessible.
They include the Chronicles of Foucher of Chartres, who accompanied Robert of Normandy (1095-1124 A.D.), and of Raymond d'Agiles, who was also present at the conquest of Antioch, with that of Albert of Aix, and the great history of William, Archbishop of Tyre, which was begun in 1182 and closes in 1184. These I have
read in the great collection of Bongar's Gesta Dei Per Francos (Hanover, 161 1), which also includes the important description of later events by Jacques de Vitry,
Bishop of Acre, written about 1220 A.D.f The Moslem accounts include Boha ed Din's life of his master Saladin about 1200 A.D., and the later works of Kemal
ed Din, Mejr ed Din, Abu el Feda, and Makrizi, with El Edrizi's geography about 1150 A.D. The full details of King Richard's expedition are given in the contem-
porary account of Jeoffrey de Vinsauf, written about 1 200 A.D. ; and for the Crusade of St. Louis we have Joynville's Memoirs, the travels of Rubruquis, and Marco

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