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История"God wills it!" A tale of the first crusade

"God wills it!" A tale of the first crusade

Название: "God wills it!" A tale of the first crusade
Издательство: Macmillan & Co., ltd
Автор: Davis, William Stearns
Год: 1901
Количество страниц: 596
Формат: PDF
Размер: 23 mb
Язык: English

The First Crusade was a military expedition by European Christians to regain the Holy Lands taken by the Muslim conquest of the Levant, which resulted in the capture of Jerusalem in 1099. It was launched in 1095 by Pope Urban II with the primary goal of responding to the appeal from Byzantine Emperor Alexius I. The Emperor requested that western volunteers come to their aid and repel the invading Seljuk Turks from Anatolia, modern day Turkey. An additional goal soon became the principal objective; the Christian reconquest of the sacred city of Jerusalem and the Holy Land and the freeing of the Eastern Christians from Islamic rule.

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