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ИсторияThe lost land of King Arthur

The lost land of King Arthur

Название: The lost land of King Arthur
Издательство: Chapman and Hall
Автор: Walters, John Cuming
Год: 1909
Количество страниц: 312
Формат: PDF
Размер: 15 mb
Язык: English

WITHIN a small area in the West Country may be found the principal places mentioned in the written chronicles of King Arthur places with strange long histories and of natural charm. In these pages an impressionist view is given of the
region once called Cameliard and Lyonnesse. We have ventured into by-ways seldom entered, and we trust to have gathered a few details which may not be wholly without interest in their place. Facts are meagre about King Arthur, and romance has. so overlaid reality that his realm seems now to be veritably a part of fairy-land. In this respect the journey is profitless, save that, by taking Malory as a guide, we are led to a few delightful and half-forgotten localities out of the ordinary route, from which romance has not been wholly dislodged and where tradition survives and is strong.

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