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ИсторияKansas Paper Money: An Illustrated History, 1854-1935

Kansas Paper Money: An Illustrated History, 1854-1935
Название:Kansas Paper Money: An Illustrated History, 1854-1935
Автор:Steve Whitfield
Дата издания:2009-05-13
Размер:25,49 MB

Kansas had only a few years in which its bankers and merchants issued the now-obsolete notes that have become such popular--and rare--collector's items. This heavily illustrated history details Kansas paper bank notes and scrip through 1935. Like the Society of Paper Money Collectors' state catalogs it provides history and listings of specific notes and comments on their rarity, but it is unique in grouping notes and issuers alphabetically according to the economic period in which the notes were issued. Notes are separated into three major categories: municipal governments, merchants, and banks. Appendices examine modern reproductions of obsolete currency, altered notes and write-in scrip, the printers and engravers who created the physical notes, and more.

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