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ИсторияShort Story Writers (Magill's Choice) (3 Volumes)

Short Story Writers (Magill's Choice) (3 Volumes)
Название:Short Story Writers (Magill's Choice) (3 Volumes)
Автор:Charles E. May
Издательство:Salem Press
Дата издания:2007-10-18
Размер: 5,4 MB

In the tradition of editor Magill's earlier Critical Survey of Short Fiction (LJ 8/93. rev. ed.), this latest work offers a window into the lives and works of short-story authors. The three volumes consist of essays on 102 writers who are arguably the most popular and most acclaimed of the genre. Extracted from among the 363 essays in the 1993 edition of Critical Survey, the essays were updated for this edition. Selections emphasize 19th- and 20th-century writers, and the majority of the highlighted writers hail from the United States, although readers will also find essays on Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Leo Tolstoy, inter alia. In a format similar to its predecessor, this work provides entries that include author's name, dates and places of birth and death, titles, and publication dates of the author's principal short fiction, author's accomplishments in other literary genres, achievements, a biography, an analysis of the writer's work, a list of additional titles, and a bibliography. Although the essays provide only one point of view on the writer's work, the series is still a sound starting point for beginning literary research.

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