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ИсторияAmerican Cultural Studies: An Introduction to American Culture

American Cultural Studies: An Introduction to American Culture
Название:American Cultural Studies: An Introduction to American Culture
Автор:Neil C. Campbell, Alasdair Kean
Дата издания:1998-01-09
Размер: 5 MB

A interdisciplinary introduction to American culture, American Cultural Studies examines the tensions that exist within the multifaceted and multicultural mix of American life. Exploring the changing debates throughout the century, specific consideration is given to issues such as race and religion, gender and sexuality, and youth. The volume draws on literature, art, film, theatre, architecture and music, employing techniques and arguments both from traditional analysis and cultural studies. Through examining forms of cultural expression in relation to their contexts, this book highlights American distinctiveness and is sure to challenge orthodox paradigms of American Studies.

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