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Хобби и ремеслаVogue Knitting on the Go! Ponchos

Vogue Knitting on the Go! Ponchos
Автор: Trisha Malcolm
Название: Vogue Knitting on the Go! Ponchos
Издательство: Sixth&Spring Books
Год: August, 2005
ISBN: 978-1931543798
Формат: jpg
Размер: 12,69 mb
Страниц: 65
Язык: английский
Для сайта: eKnigi.org

Ponchos are among the most popular garments today, the cover-up of choice for those with style. And, with such a freeform structure, they're a friendly next step for novices who want a new challenge, but don't yet feel ready to try a fitted sweater or jacket. These 20 fashionable projects include both knitting and crochet, and offer a wide range of choices, from elegant mohair and mesh designs to more rustic cabled and fisherman fare. There are even some kids' ponchos to ensure that no one is left out of the fun. With Vogue's easy-to-follow instructions and patterns, it's simple, enjoyable, and satisfying to make a great piece you'll want to show off all the time.

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