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Хобби и ремеслаWorld Woods in Colour

World Woods in ColourАвтор:William A. Lincoln
Название:World Woods in Colour
Издательство:Stobart Davies
Размер:61 mb
Для сайта: www.eknigi.org
Книга содержит информацию о 275 породах дерева.
Свойства, применение, характеристики и фото каждой породы
WORLD WOODS IN COLOUR contains information on over 275 commercial woods from world-wide sources.
The full-colour illustrations show the timber's natural grain and features and each is fully annotated with relevant information including commercial and botanical names, distribution, general description, mechanical properties, seasoning, working properties, durability and a full range of uses for each wood.
The woods are indexed for botanical, trade, commercial and local names, and family names, and there is a full bibliography of publications concerning timber study and identification. This unique book will be a vital reference tool for all those concerned with timber studies and craftsmanship in wood as well as to the numerous trades and professions having to make decisions about which wood to use, its suitability for the job in hand, the lternatives and so on. Designers, architects, builders, woodworkers, restorers and antique dealers are among the many who will want to have their own copy near at hand.

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