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Хобби и ремеслаCrochet for Caring & Sharing

Crochet for Caring & SharingАвтор:Коллектив
Название: Crochet for Caring & Sharing
Издательство: House of White Birches
Год: March 2004
Формат: jpg
Размер: 52,4 mb
Страниц: 176 pages
Язык: English
ISBN-10: 1592170145
ISBN-13: 978-1592170142

This very special book is full of crochet patterns that will make fabulous gifts for family and friends and also add a touch of beauty and comfort to the lives of others less fortunate. There's a total of 76 different projects:
-Wonderful Warmers--This chapter has hats, mittens, socks, scarves and sweaters.(10 patterns)
-All-Around Afghans--Afghans, of course! (9 patterns)
-Cuddly Comforts--a game, toys, blanket, stuffed animals.(9 patterns)
-Handy Helpers--purses, bags, a basket.(9 patterns)
-Furry Friends--Projets for pets.(9 patterns)
-Sensational Seniors--For older folks--though I thought many would be fine for any age--cardigan, heat pack, shawls, booties. (10 patterns)
-Tiny Treasures--Projects for babies--blankets, sweaters, headbands. (11 patterns)
-Domestic Delights--afghans, throws, hot pads, rug, doilies. (9 patterns)


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