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Хобби и ремеслаSpread A Little Sunshine

Spread A Little SunshineАвтор:Sandra Malone
Название: Spread A Little Sunshine
Издательство: S.Malone studio
Год: 1998
Формат: jpg
Размер: 6,78 mb

This book features decorating your home in a whimsical style. The benches are a must for any home to accent a Christmas scene, a garden decor or a special school corner. This book features a school floor cloth, a whimsical clock and a book mirror to set off the "School Bench." For you sun lovers, there is a "Sunny Days" mirror, a fireplace for any room in the house and a whimsical clock to match. Enchanting angels and fairies grace colorful frames with wooden Humpty dumpty figures all around. A charming child's rocking chair that has a small amount af fabric painting, and you will find those ever so popular black and white checks throughout this book. There is something for every season in this book to "Spread a Little Sunshine," everywhere.


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