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Хобби и ремеслаCrocheting For Dummies

Crocheting For Dummies
Автор:Karen Manthey, Susan Brittain, Julie Holetz
Название: Crocheting For Dummies, Second Edition
Издательство: For Dummies
Год: 2010
Язык: английский
Формат: djvu/rar + 3%
Размер: 10,4 МБ
Для сайта: www.eknigi.org
Are you hooked on the art of crochet? Looking for a fun new hobby that you can take with you virtually anywhere? Crocheting For Dummies, 2nd Edition gives you easy-to-understand instructions on how to choose the right tools, create basic stitches, and finish off your work to make beautiful pieces of art. From learning to create consistency with gauge swatch to decoding crochet patterns, symbols, and diagrams, this easy-to-follow guide is all you need to start creating beautiful designs in no time!
This revised edition contains completely new content, including fresh new patterns, stitches, and techniques reflecting crocheting styles from around the world. Plus, it's packed with new and refreshed photos and line art throughout, along with step-by-step instructions that will easily guide you from your first stitch to your first sweater.
A new section covering common crocheting mistakes and how to correct them
Crocheting with eco-awareness: using organic yarns, as well as free trade and sustainably sourced fibers
The best resources for purchasing supplies, as well as choosing and buying patterns
Whether you're a first-time crocheter or looking to expand your skills, Crocheting For Dummies, 2nd Edition gives you the skills, techniques, and confidence to crochet like a pro.

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