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Хобби и ремеслаCheap and easy crafts (Простые и недорогие поделки)

Cheap and easy crafts (Простые и недорогие поделки)Название: Cheap and easy crafts (Простые и недорогие поделки)
Автор: коллектив
Издательство: Prime Publishing LLC - FaveCrafts
Год: 2009
Страниц: 126
Язык: english
Формат: PDF
Размер файла: 2.21Мб

Если вы хотите сэкономить свой бюджет на занятие рукоделием (а кто этого не хочет при нынешнем состоянии экономики?), посмотрите на эту коллекцию из 60 экономичных проектов. Вы можете наслаждаться любимым делом не тратя много денег. Немного времени и усилий, и вы получите экономные подарки на любой случай.
Cheap and easy crafts (Простые и недорогие поделки)If you are on a craft budget (and who isn't in the current economy?), have a look at this collection of 60 low-cost craft projects, sorted into categories such as needle craft, home decor, crafts for kids and more. We want you to know you can still enjoy your favorite hobbies without spending a lot of cash. With a few craft projects, you will have thrifty gifts for every occasion.
Cheap and easy crafts (Простые и недорогие поделки)Candles and Soaps: Learn how to make your own decorative floating candles from scratch! Section 2: Crafting with Kids: By using materials already in your home, you can give your kids projects that they'll love to make as an activity with you or all on their own. Section 3: Crochet Patterns: With your scrap yarn, you can create beautiful slippers or a simple afghan. Section 4: Craft Gifts: Make a CD holder for Mom or a decorative jar for Christmas treats in just a few easy steps! Section 5: Recycled Crafts: Recycle your old wine bottles, newspapers, jeans and more for some cheap and crafty decorations in your home. Section 6: Home Decor: Instead of hiring a decorator, use materials you already have to make your home look brand new. Section 7: Papier Mache Crafts: These crafts use recycled newspapers for fun holiday decorations! Section 8: Holiday Crafts: These simple crafts will help you save money for any holiday and give your home a personal touch. Section 9: Halloween Crafts: With these craft ideas you'll have the spookiest decorations around! Section 10: Knitting Patterns: Create anything from a kitchen potholder to a winter hat with these easy patterns. Section 11: Painting Projects With some decorative paint you can create unique and useful pieces for your home or to give as hand-made gifts! Section 12: Organization: Check out your local discount store for supplies so you can make ordinary organization into a work of art. Section 13: Scrapbook Pages: You don't need to spend a lot of money or time to make scrapbook pages that you'll want to keep forever. Section 14: Sewing Projects: Making your own clothes can be easy and fun with this project! Section 15: Thanksgiving Crafts: If you're having family over for Thanksgiving and need some last minute decorations, don't worry! Follow these easy directions for decorations you can re-use every year. Section 16: Unexpected Craft Ideas (Great Gift Ideas!): With some fun beads you can make really inexpensive but creative presents. Section 17: Valentine's Day Crafts: Craft the perfect Valentine's Day gift for your special someone with these projects! Section 18: Wearable Crafts: Bedazzle some ordinary jeans or flip-flops for a stylish look any time of the year. Section 19: Wedding Crafts: These crafts are perfect if you want to save money on your wedding shower or party favors. Section 20: Woodcrafts: These woodcrafts are cheap and easy to make, plus you can even give them as a thoughtful gift!
Cheap and easy crafts (Простые и недорогие поделки)

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