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Хобби и ремеслаFamily Circle Easy Wreaths: 50 Ideas for Every Season

Family Circle Easy Wreaths: 50 Ideas for Every SeasonTitle: Family Circle Easy Wreaths: 50 Ideas for Every Season (Family Circle Easy...) By Trisha Malcolm
Publisher: Sixth&Spring Books 2005
Pages 94
ISBN: 1931543801
PDF | 3.4 MB

Wreaths aren't just for Christmas anymore--with Family Circle's clever and eye-catching ideas, they make great year-round decorations. The magazine is a popular leader in home décor projects, and these 50 wreaths for every season and holidays too reveal why: from berries and ivy to beads and small stuffed animals, the attractive adornments are sure to please. Craft a Welcome Ring that features a simple bouquet of pink flowers tied on a grapevine base; it adds the perfect touch to a guest room. Branches in Bloom captures the joy of springtime, with its bright blossoms, faux eggs, Spanish moss, gold paint, and ribbon. Hang it on a door, window, or front porch. Each project features detailed instructions and color illustrations.

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