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Хобби и ремеслаPuzzle Boxes: Fun and Intriguing Bandsaw Projects (Popular Woodworking)

Puzzle Boxes: Fun and Intriguing Bandsaw Projects (Popular Woodworking) Автор: Jeff Vollmer
Название:Puzzle Boxes- Fun and Intriguing Bandsaw Projects
Издатель Popular Woodworking Books
Год: 2010
Язык :Английский
Формат pdf
Страниц 143
Размер 30,6 мб

Unlocking the Secrets of the Puzzle Box

Have you ever thought inside the box? These bandsawn boxes could be the most intriguing and fun projects you've ever made.

Author Jeff Vollmer describes his boxes as key-and-slide—cut a dovetail key, cut a slider piece, cut another key, cut another slider. That's the puzzle or "combination" you use to get to the chamber or heart of the box.

Then you cut out the guts of the box to create a chamber. But wait, there's more! Then you cut another box from the guts, then another box or drawer from those pieces, then another and maybe another until things get too small to handle safely.

Any type wood can be used to make these boxes—wood with holes, cracks, splits, insect and wormholes, spalting and burls. Jeff calls these flaws "opportunities" to become creative. Read along as Jeff shows you how to set up your band saw and how to cut, glue up, sand, fit and finish these amazing puzzle boxes.


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