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Хобби и ремеслаBeaded Obsessions

Beaded Obsessions
Название Beaded Obsessions
Автор Cheryl Assemi, Bobbie Assemi, Cathy Thomsen, Connie Bell
and Carole Sweet
Издательство California Beadgang Publications
Год 1977
Страниц 17 стр.
Формат Jpg
Размер 8 Мб
Язык английский

The Beadgang has published a book of amulet purses in many motifs using
peyote and brick stitch techniques. Some patterns can be made with a
choice of using either technique. Each patterns includes a full color
graph, color image of the finished bag, color guide, title of the bag,
designer and most include a helpful tip. Some of the patterns include
more than one color grid so you can see how you could make the same
purse over and over again in various color combinations. The patterns
are set up so you can work the front and continue on to make the back
all in one piece.

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