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Хобби и ремеслаLearn to Crochet

Learn to Crochet
Название: Learn to Crochet
Автор: Sally Harding
Издательство: Coast Crafts Uk
Год: 2005
[b]Язык: английский
ISBN-10:[/b] 1904485324
Страниц: 80
Формат: JPG
Размер: 50 Mb

Crochet is back in fashion, a favorite with today's up-and-coming textile designers. That's why so many people want to learn its simple, textural, and attractive stitches. From choosing yarns and hooks to making a loop and foundation chain, from doing simple edgings to working in rounds, would-be crocheters will find all the basics of the craft right here. Holding the hook, checking the gauge, reading standard patterns, stitching filet crochet--everything is covered in great detail with full-page photos and close-up drawings. The projects begin with an easy pot-holder and progress to blankets for babies and adults; striped and scalloped cushions, scarves, purses, and Christmas decorations.

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