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Хобби и ремеслаOldsmobile

Название: Oldsmobile
Автор: -
Издательство: -
Год: 1954
Страниц: 32
Формат: djvu
Размер: 9,0 Mб

The Dream that Couldn't Wait Shaped on Oldsmobile's drawing board many years ago... scheduled for completion in 1955... perfected a full year in advance! This is Oldsmobile for 1954 - breath-taking beauty and record-breaking performance translated into reality! The fresh, original concept of this Oldsmobile finds brilliant expression in its new lower, longer, lovelier styling. In the daring new slant of its sweep-around panoramic windshield... the modern magnificence of its Custom-Lounge Interiors... the hundreds of dramatic innovations from new "World" crest to contoured tail-light! And, to match Oldsmobile's dream-car design with power - a new 185-horsepower "Rocket" Engine! A "Rocket" that broke all records for power, dependability and economy! Oldsmobile proudly presents its greatest car of all time - one full year ahead of time! - the matchless new 1954 "Rocket" Engine Oldsmobile!

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