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Хобби и развлеченияGigging: A Practical Guide for Musicians

Gigging: A Practical Guide for Musicians
Название:Gigging: A Practical Guide for Musicians
Автор:Patricia Shih
Издательство:Allworth Press
Дата издания:2003-06-01
Размер: 21,4 mb

Amateurs, semi-pros, part-timers, and even seasoned professionals will learn to make a decent living playing music with the help of this insider guide! In Gigging, a 35-year veteran of the music business reveals the tried-and-true steps to success, with no-holds-barred advice for landing paid gigs. Covering the gamut of musical genres, this realistic resource provides dozens of surefire strategies for establishing contacts; charging appropriate fees; finding bandmates; booking gigs through managers vs. doing it yourself; working with attorneys, road crews, and publicists; marketing and promoting yourself; and much, much more. The definitive resource for anyone with aspirations to play music professionally!

• Offers practical, realistic advice for helping musicians make the jump from playing music as a hobby to playing professionally

• Also offers advice on legal and financial matters such as setting payment rates, working with unions, handling contracts, and more

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