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Хобби и развлеченияThe Directors: Take Four

The Directors: Take Four
Название:The Directors: Take Four
Автор:Robert J. Emery
Издательство:Allworth Press
Дата издания:2003-07-01
Размер:3.86 MB

As I indicated in the first three volumes, the interviews in these books
come from The Directors, a television series I created, which runs on the
Encore Movie Channel in the United States as well as in over fifty countries
around the world. Only a small portion of each director’s interview was used
in the television series. It seemed only natural, then, that we transcribe the
entire interview so that we could examine the full scope of each director’s
talent for making unique motion pictures.
For anyone reading this book who might have a desire to become a film
director, know that you have taken on a difficult and sometimes frustrating
task. Directing movies is right up there with the most demanding of careers.
A film director is part writer, part producer, part technician, part father figure,
and certainly the leader of the pack. Everyone looks to him for answers,
and those answers can make or break a film.
How can any one person be all of these things? It might surprise you that
there is no one answer to that question. The answer lies in the interviews
contained in this book as well as in the three books previously published.
Each of these directors has his own way of dealing with the demands of making
a feature-length motion picture. Most will tell you that it is in their blood,
that they cannot wait to get up in the morning and charge full speed ahead
into whatever ambushes may await them. Consider what can go wrong on
any given day, and you wonder why anyone would put himself through such
Now, consider what happens when things go right. The result is a film
that can make an audience cry or laugh, hold people in suspense, and on occasion
change someone’s life. So, my hat is off to all film directors, because I
know from firsthand experience just how difficult—and how rewarding—
the work can be. When it works, it is the biggest high in the world.

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