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Хобби и развлеченияOxford Encyclopedia of Chess Games: v. 1

Oxford Encyclopedia of Chess Games: v. 1
Название:Oxford Encyclopedia of Chess Games: v. 1
Автор:D.N.L. Levy, Kevin J. O'Connell
Издательство:Oxford University Press
Дата издания:1981-08
Размер: 46 MB

Volume 1 of the Oxford Encyclopedia of Chess Games contains in languageless algebraic notation some 4000 games including: all the recorded games from 1485 to 1800 • all the known games played in every significant tournament and match between 1800 and 1866 • every traceable game, including some not previously published, of the greatest players of the era: Philidor, La Bourdonnais, MacDonnell, Stauton, Anderssen, and Morphy, plus, for the relevant years, those of Steinitz • analysis by the leading players of the day • illustrations of players and events.
The editors are well-known chess autors. David Levy is an International Master and former Scottish Champion. Kevin O'Connell is President of the western European zone of the World Chess Federation (FIDE).

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