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Хобби и развлечения1001 Full-Size Patterns, Projects & Ideas

1001 Full-Size Patterns, Projects & IdeasАвтор:коллектив
Название:1001 Full-Size Patterns, Projects & Ideas
Издательство:Better Homes and Gardens
Размер:64 mb
Для сайта: www.eknigi.org
Season after season, you will have 1001 pattern, projects and ideas to craft just about everything your creative side can imagine. Whether you love to paint, sew, decoupage, snip, fold or glue -- you will find a variety of pattern styles to personalise your project. And with all the projects in this book, you will be tempted to try out a new technique or two -- ones you will master in no time! Features: full-size patterns, step-by-step project instructions; complete materials lists; helpful diagrams; full-colour project photographs; colour suggestions for patterns; ideas and inspiration for even more projects.
• More than 1,000 ideas will keep crafters busy year-round
• Full-size patterns make any project easy to complete
• Detailed instructions guide crafters from start to finish

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