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Хобби и развлеченияFrommer's Berlin Day by Day

Frommer's Berlin Day by Day

Автор: Kerry Walker
Издательство: Frommer's
Страниц: 194
Формат: PDF
Размер: 15 Мб
ISBN: 0470519800
Язык: Английский
Год издания: 2008

The guides are aimed at travellers who are looking for a very accessible read to make the most of their stay. Through the use of special-interest tours in the books, travelers are able to get a good idea of the geography of their city instantly before exploring it in an interesting way, giving people some surprising choices for what to see and do, that they might not have thought to consider normally. These people know that there's a kind of science to organizing your time on a trip, to avoid a lot of needless backtracking or overbooking and Day by Days provide this information in an accessible way.

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