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Хобби и развлеченияTime Out For Bullies

Time Out For BulliesНазвание: Time Out For Bullies
Автор: Mary Gambordella
Издательство: Black Belt in a Box
Год: 2001
Страниц: 40
Формат: PDF
Размер: 6.6МБ
Язык: английский
Self Defense for Children by Children who aren’t Black Belts.
Introduction: There are a lot of self defense books for Children On the market. And 95% of them deal with Children who are attacked by grown men. These books are very valuable and important, but I have found that I am much more likely to be attacked or harassed by other Children, especially Bullies. I wrote this book to show techniques that the average boy or girl an do to stop a Bully, anytime, anywhere. The moves are very simple, easy and practical. You can do them without training in a Karate School. You don’t have to be a Black Belt. You don’t have to take Karate. All you have to do is study the moves and try them on a friend until you learn to do them. If you practice each move at least 20 times. I think you will be able to use them against most bullies and Stop Them. Do not try them to hurt anyone. Only to defend yourself.

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