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Хобби и развлеченияChokes and Strangles (Ground Fighting)

Chokes and Strangles (Ground Fighting)
Название: Chokes and Strangles
Автор: Geoff Thompson
Издательство: Summersdale Publishers
Год: 2001
Количество страниц: 96
Язык: Английский
Формат: PDF
Размер: 2МБ
ISBN: 1840241721

Ground Fighting is one of the most underestimated and yet devastatingly ferocious of all the Martial Arts. 95% of all street fights that are not finished within the first 3 seconds end up on the floor. Are you prepared? This series of books prepares you with the very best of Wrestling, Ju-jitsu, Judo etc. covering ground control, bars, locks, chokes, strangles, cranks, butts, bites, tearing, gouges etc., reintroducing the many illegal and banned techniques from a century ago.
The most devastating finish of all is the choke/strangle. This book demonstrates choke/strangle KO's from multiple positions: underneath, on top, from the knees, the mount etc. demonstrating graphically how to send even the biggest opponent to sleep under 3 seconds.

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