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Хобби и развлеченияAmazing "Aha!" Puzzles

Amazing "Aha!" Puzzles
Название: Amazing "Aha!" Puzzles
Автор: Lloyd King
Издательство: Lulucom
Год: 2006
Количество страниц: 180
Язык: Английский
Формат: PDF
ISBN: 1411613309

This truly mind-altering and inspirational book of more than 300 brand new lateral puzzles provides a fantastic opportunity for anyone to improve their creativity and mental flexibility. It is packed with all kinds of fun and imaginative problems of varying degrees of difficulty that encourage you to break out of familiar thought patterns and to think creatively and ‘outside the box’. In addition, the puzzles have extremely rewarding and addictive "Aha!" answers absolutely guaranteed to make you both groan and smile at the same time. This book will keep you perplexed and entertained for many enjoyable hours, days and weeks to come.

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