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Хобби и развлеченияKusudama - Magic Spheres

Kusudama - Magic Spheres
Название Kusudama - Magic Spheres
Автор Katrin and Yuri Shumakov
Издательство Oriland.com
Год 2009
Страниц 36 стр.
Формат e-Book (PDF)
Размер 16 Мб
Язык английский
ISBN 978-0-9811902-9-7

KUSUDAMA - MAGIC SPHERES is a book from Origami Décor Series by Oriland
authors that will teach you step-by-step how to make origami magic in
creating these delightful paper spheres called Kusudama! Add the charm
of origami to your home - hang these beautiful paper spheres n a special
place where you live or work to create a unique atmosphere. Originated
in old Japan, Kusudama is a decorative paper ball usually made of
several modules, each folded from paper in the pure origami style, that
are connected together with or without glue to form an attractive

Do-It-Yourself – fold wonderful kusudama models; some traditional models
and the original designs by Katrin and Yuri Shumakov - Jasmine Sphere,
Kusudama ‘Pendant’, Lantern-like Kusudama ‘Pendant’, Kusudama ‘Roses’,
Lantern-like Kusudama ‘Roses’, Kusudama ‘Star’, Himalayan Blue Poppies
Sphere, Tsuru Tama, Lantern-like Tsuru Tama, Fairy Wings Sphere and
Chinese Dogwood Sphere. Along with kusudama designs, some of the modules
can be independent models you can fold - Jasmine Flower, 2-Module
Pendant, Pendant ‘Rose’, 4- and 8-Pointed Stars, Fairy Wings Flower and
Chinese Dogwood Flower. Adapt the color and scale to make holiday
decorations with these kusudama designs. Whether it is your shower,
wedding reception, or birthday party – kusudama spheres will bring a
magical touch to your event.

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