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Хобби и развлеченияLimericks and What-Knots

Limericks and What-Knots
Название:Limericks and What-Knots
Автор:George Van Ronzelen
Издательство:Capaha Features
Дата издания:1992
Размер: 4,1 MB

Anagram Puzzle Poems
He's a working elf and his name is TiL, which in the Hindi translates to sesame seed. There's something serendipitous here. He
sometimes provides the "Open, Sesame" for a few of the more difficult anagram puzzles.
But you don't have to believe in elves to take advantage of a clue in one of TiL's quips-many of which are irrelevant or perhaps red herrings. You may ignore him completely for greater challenge. Believers will tell you that the little people may assume whatever
form seems appropriate for the occasion. Some might argue that elves communicate freely with animals and small uninitiated children
who conveniently forget their experiences beyond that pale.*
Since TiL's purpose is to provide help as well as pleasant distraction, he accordingly appears as a sesame seed with accessories.
At times he may emerge as a court clown, a Mexican bandito, or a frog. His omnipresence can only be explained by the methods
known to those other blithe spirits, Ariel and Puck. I don't ask questions-he's always there when I need him and I let it alone.
Codes and ciphers come in all shapes and sizes. In each of these present, a quotation, a bit of poetry, or a song is hidden
by a set of cipher letters, each of which becomes a constant symbol of a particular letter in the text. A free clue is given
which the purist will most likely cover and find an opening independently.
Quite often in the cipher overlay, something resembling pidgin English materializes. Please try to overlook these accidents.
This is not my favorite breed. These were produced under duress from advisers with the marketing outlook. I didn't enjoy the work;
however, now that the travail is over, I'm a little proud of these productions.
Crosswords for the Young
Here the word crossword has new meaning. FROGURU has two phases. See directions. Here's competition for sibs who will establish
ground rules and ethical standards as to allowable words. Good hunting . . . Kids.
-George Van Ronzelen

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