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Хобби и развлеченияSecrets of the Russian Chess Masters: Beyond the Basics, Volume 2

Secrets of the Russian Chess Masters: Beyond the Basics, Volume 2
Название:Secrets of the Russian Chess Masters: Beyond the Basics, Volume 2
Автор:Lev Alburt, Larry Parr
Издательство:W. W. Norton & Company
Дата издания:2003-07
Размер: 6.6 Mb

Increase your skill and understanding of chess with the tactics that have produced unparalleled Russian grandmasters. Russia's dominance in modern chess was founded on a uniquely successful program of chess instruction. Now this program has been streamlined and adapted for American readers in a pair of books that will help readers develop, step by step, from total novicehood to an enjoyable and competitive recreational level.

Volume 1 covers the fundamentals of the game, from beginning strategies to energetic endgames. Learn from the start not just how the pieces move, but also where and why to move them.

Volume 2 goes beyond the basics to cover advanced strategy, hard-hitting openings, and classic attack and defense tactics. Both books sharpen and test your chess skills with practical, educational "chessercizes" that make your movements more muscular.

Advance in the game—and have fun doing it—using the techniques that produced a long line of Soviet champions.

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