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Хобби и развлеченияHow to Juggle Women: Without Getting Killed or Going Broke

How to Juggle Women: Without Getting Killed or Going Broke
Название:How to Juggle Women: Without Getting Killed or Going Broke
Автор:Stefan Feller
Издательство:Bsb Publishing Company
Дата издания:1998-10
Размер: 1 MB

This book is an essential guide for the seasoned dating man who needs help organizing the women in his life.
Women are constantly grabbing your interest and attention. Do you have to choose one over the other? Of Course not! Stop letting opportunities like these go to waste. Why not date them all?
This is a must-read for men who are active on the dating scene. Not only will you learn how to juggle several females at a time, you will also improve your overall chances with women, including where to meet them and how to do the little things to keep them happy.
You will learn time-saving techniques that will maximize your availability, and allow you to spend time with several ladies a day. The author details scheduling methods so you never have two dates at the same time. You will also learn money-saving tips so you can date aggressively and still have money left to buy life's other necessities.
Forget the saying,"For every man there is a woman out there." Now it will be, "For every man there are at least three women."

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