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Хобби и развлеченияSit 'n Go Strategy

Sit 'n Go Strategy
Название:Sit 'n Go Strategy
Автор:Collin Moshman
Издательство:Two Plus Two Publishing LLC
Дата издания:2007-07-20
Размер: 37 MB

I have mixed emotions about this book, because if every poker player were to read it, online Sit `n Go tournaments would become much more difficult to beat. It is appropriate for SNGs with an entry fee of $10 through medium stakes, although many advanced, higher stake players will probably benefit from reading this book. Many of the topics presented are too advanced for the beginning player, who should first gain some tournament experience, and an understanding of basic concepts before purchasing this book.
Sit `N Go Strategy is one of the best poker manuscripts ever published, and a major contribution to poker, as there has been relatively little literature on SNG tournament strategy. It is a well written, fairly comprehensive guide to playing low and medium buy in, one table tournaments. Sit 'n Go S...

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